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I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Erin Eleuterio, founder 

of Second Act Fit Pros.

Our mission is to 

unite and empower health, 

wellness, and fitness professionals 

committed to enriching the lives 

of individuals over 50 

through collaborative efforts.

Join us!


The Community

At Second Act Fit Pros, our mission is to cultivate a community where innovative professionals in health, wellness, and fitness commit to enrich the lives of individuals over 50. We connect, share insights, and nurture each other’s advancement in this specialized field. Our community pioneers innovative methods that empower adults to be as healthy and active as possible throughout the lifespan.


The Podcast

The Second Act Fit Pros podcast features conversations with those committed to improving the quality of life of older adults. Meet the people who’ve pivoted to second act careers in health and fitness, as well as champions dedicated to enhancing the well-being of those in their second act. From trainers and nutritionists to yoga instructors and wellness advocates, we celebrate diverse paths that inspire and uplift.

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