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Second Act Fit Pro Collaboration: “Squat Three Times” Music Video

Updated: Jun 4

Guest post by Second Act Fit Pro Community Member Susan Frikken

I'd love to introduce to you the "Squat Three Times" music video!

The purpose? To get us all moving more, getting stronger, so we can live this life feeling better! 


It is LIVE and ready to share. Share wherever and however you like:  With family, friends, neighbors, personal trainers, health care providers. Permission has been given by everyone involved. 



I apologize in advance if the tune gets stuck in your head for weeks, as it does mine! Ha! 

How and why did this video get born?

I often suggest that--in order to strengthen legs and core, improve balance, rehabilitate joints or other issues, improve performance, and remain independent—people stand up and sit down (chair squat) multiple times, and get down to the floor and back up at least once a day. 


I believe, too, that we should minimize the use of chairs when possible, choosing low seats and beds or floor. If we encourage the kids in our life to do this, they will stay healthier! 


[Side note:  I’m not just bossy and a know-it-all. I’m also a physical therapist. Which is why I tell people stuff. They hire me. : ) I’ve been inspired by working in the falls resiliency community, in particular as a Stepping On facilitator, and with Ballroom Basics for BalanceTM  (BB4B), where I’ve witness people make transformations in confidence and stability by making small but consistent changes like this.] 


So, I often suggest to folks, “Stand and sit three times instead of once, each time you do it.”


That’s how the “Squat three times” phrase got deeply stuck in my head.


Being a child of the ‘70s, I had the Tony Orlando & Dawn song already engraved into my brain. 

Fun fact: They were my very first concert. Age 3 or 4, at the Michigan State Fair in Detroit.


I thought I’d make a 5-minute video about it. Singing it and doing the movement myself.


A couple years’ later in 2023 (with many ideas still unrealized), I met Patricia Linderman (Fierce After 45) through the wonderful Second Act Fit Pros community. She is the MEISTER of all things parody, brilliant at witty lyrics set to very familiar tunes that promote health, wellness—often focused on aging fiercely! 


(“Age Busters” was the first one I got to learn!  “I ain’t afraid of my 60’s!”)


I knew I’d met my collaborator!


We wrote the lyrics. 

We invited people to participate. People who understand that sharing ideas about health in a fun way could inspire.  


They showed up. They were all in! 


Who would sing it…? 

I dreamt that the creative dynamic duo of Cat Capellaro and Andrew Rohn (of VO5 fame) might help me with some music. (Andrew has written tunes for BB4B, too!)


The dream came true!


Oh my…I cannot just throw something together, now…who could help coordinate the music with the video?! Shelby Copeland! 

Best known for being a Force of Nature physically, she is also a skilled film maker and editor! (She is additionally the very best collaborative partner as we co-lead Parkour Senior classes through Madison School & Community Recreation!)


And so here it is. Tada!

Susan Frikken is a physical therapist founder of Ballroom Basics for Balance and owner of Yahara Therapy in Madison Wisconsin. You can check out the podcast interview with Susan here.

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